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Why You Should Hire a Day-of Coordinator

Hello Friend!

As a DIY bride, I’m thinking it’s safe to assume that you like to take control of all things pertaining to your wedding. Am I right? I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone, but there’s a large majority of you out there. So, please be open-minded as I share one huge piece of advice: HIRE A DAY-OF WEDDING COORDINATOR. I know, wrapping your mind around the thought of relinquishing control of your plans and preparations to someone else is a struggle, but it's a must! There are so many reasons you should invest (yes, it’ll cost you but the value is so worth it!) in a day-of wedding coordinator, and I’m here to lay those reasons out for you.

Before we jump in, let’s define what a day-of wedding coordinator does, and what you should expect:

First of all, a “day-of” coordinator is really more of a month-of coordinator. You’ll meet with him/her about a month before your wedding date to get them up-to-speed on your plans and preparations and help them get a sense of your style (don’t worry, they’ll initiate the conversations with the right questions).

For the weeks leading up to the wedding, your coordinator will then do their magic to help you tie off any loose ends, fill in any gaps and make sure every detail has been thought through. They will begin to introduce themselves to your vendors as point-person for the day-of, provide timelines to all vendors and the bridal party. They may help you with your seating chart and place cards.

On the day-of, they (and their team) will take care of the vendor coordination, set-up your decor, and make sure all of the little elements are put into place. They will also coordinate your bridal party and make sure that the ceremony runs as smoothly as possible. They’ll continue to make sure the cocktail hour, photos, and reception run as close to schedule as possible. Your day-of coordinator’s main goal should be to make your vision come to life!

You can take a look at my wedding planning services to see how I outline my Month + Day-of Wedding Coordination Package. Now that you're clear on that, let's dive in:

Day of Wedding Coordinator, Sacramento Wedding Coordinator

They Will Help You Avoid Silly Mistakes

We’re all human and susceptible to mistakes, and this is especially true when planning a wedding. By hiring a pro, you get a pair of trained eyes to look over your plans and make sure there are no gaps in your preparations and that nothing has been looked over. You have the assurance in knowing that every t will be crossed and every i will be dotted.

You Won't Have to Worry About Keeping Time

One of the most headache-inducing parts for many experienced event planners is creating a timeline (and modifying a hundred times). It’s a tough job - I personally love the puzzle of it - but it tends to overwhelm a lot of people. Your day-of coordinator will create a very detailed timeline for your wedding (with your input, of course) and will make sure all of your vendors receive it. This will be their bible on the day-of, and you won’t have to think twice about it!

You Won’t Have to Worry About Set-up or Clean-up

(and Neither will Your Friends & Family)

As I mentioned before, your day-of coordinator will handle set-up and clean-up on your wedding day. They’ll make sure they have all of the items that you've prepared for the wedding and will assure they’re set-up according to your plans. Depending on the size of your wedding, they will most likely have a team to help manage set-up and clean up. This leaves you, your family and bridal party free to get pampered and sip on mimosas all day. PLUS it’ll be a nice surprise to just show up and see how your vision has come to life!

They will Run Your Wedding Rehearsal and Manage Your Bridal Party

Trying to run your own wedding rehearsal is a great way to get annoyed with everyone, and that’s not how you want to start off your wedding weekend, right? Leave it to a pro who isn’t afraid to lay down the law and get everyone where they need to go. Your day-of coordinator will be the voice of authority that you need to keep everyone in line (literally and figuratively) and will make sure your ceremony runs as smoothly as possible. This leaves you and your fiance with the freedom to make googly-eyes at each other and really take in the fact that you’re getting married!!

You will Have Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons I encourage DIY Brides to hire a day-of coordinator is because of the peace of mind they provide. I’m sure you’ll still find ways to worry (as do I), but you’ll be relieved of much of the pressure that comes with executing a wedding. You’ll have more room in your mind to truly take in special moments throughout the day. You’ll have more time to enjoy your guests and your new husband. You won’t be weighed down with keeping up with a timeline and making sure everything and everyone is in place.


Take it from me, a former DIY Bride - this is the best investment you’ll make for your wedding day (Yes, even over the photographer - you don’t want to look stressed in your photos, right???). I didn’t hire a day-of coordinator and it was the biggest regret I have - even bigger than the yellow dresses I made my bridesmaids wear! I missed out on so many beautiful moments because I was distracted by trying to keep everything organized. I was blessed to have family help out in areas of my wedding day, but they also didn't get to enjoy the day to the fullest.

This is the main issue that spurred on my passion to work with DIY brides. My heart is to help you create beautiful memories for your own special day and this is one simple way to do it!

Happy Planning,

Your DIY Wedding Planning BFF

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