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5 Simple & Stylish Napkin Folds

Hello friend!

Today I thought we'd have some fun with napkin fold ideas! Before the world went on hold, I was able to spend some time at Celebrations Party Rentals and create some content for you guys, with the help of a talented assistant. We wanted to provide you with simple and stylish ideas to elevate your place setting along with videos to show you how to get the look. I chose these 5 specifically because they're simple to do, they're not your typical tri-fold and they give you room to play. Have fun!

P.s. If you're in the Sacramento, Ca area check out Celebrations to play with your own table setting! (I believe they're taking appointments right now).


1. The Knot Fold

Great for a simple, less-traditional look. It's different yet not too "out there". It's a good option for any type of place setting.

I'll admit, I wasn't a fan of the knot fold the first time I saw it used at a wedding, but I've definitely warmed up since.

Check out these variations below:

2. The Envelope Fold

This fold is a little more traditional, but you can have lots of fun with it. This is a great option if you have some sort of menu or place card on your table setting. Depending on how you fold it, you can make the napkin longer or wider to fit your needs.

Here are a few variations:

3. The Pleated/Handkerchief Fold

This fold is a little trickier compared to the others. I had to fold over 100 of these, and after the first 5, I got the hang of it. I prefer this look to lay over the place setting, but you could always tuck it under a salad plate for more of a handkerchief look.

Here are a few variations:

4. The Cross Fold

This fold is a traditional tri-fold with a twist (literally). This option wraps around a dinner plate horizontally and gives you some room to play. You could tuck a salad plate behind the napkin if you're using one in your place setting. You could also use the little pleat to tuck a place card or sprig of rosemary.

5. The Quad Fold

This fold is super simple and, as you can see in the video, you can play with the placement of place cards and plates. You'll begin with a folding your napkin into fourths (not shown in the video). I really like the A-symmetry of placing the napkin vertically to one side of the plate. I find it works for a modern, sleek look.


I hope these are helpful! Feel free to share your own creative napkin folds! I'd love some fresh new ideas! In the meantime, Happy Planning!

Your wedding planning BFF,


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