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10 DIY Wedding Program Ideas to Inspire You.

I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to express your creativity, make your wedding uniquely yours AND stretch a bit of your precious wedding budget, is to create your own wedding programs!

I can hear the thoughts in your head - “where the heck do I start?”, “That’s a lot of stinking programs!”, “Do I even need a program?” Well, my friend, the answer is that you start with a little inspiration, programs don’t have to be super complicated, and (my in my opinion) YES, you should have a program!

Programs typically outline the order of your ceremony, list those who are participating in your ceremony and mentions songs that are played or performed throughout the event. Check out my other blog posts to learn how to organize the order of your ceremony.

Programs are an awesome way to express your personality as a couple, and if they’re done right, can double as a bonus wedding favor! I’ll be honest here, most programs end up in the trash, or get left behind at weddings. I learned this the hard way with my DIY wedding 6 years ago. After HOURS of slaving away with some of my bridesmaids on my overly complicated DIY programs (let's just say there were a few blisters on our fingers on the day-of), I could have cried to see how many of them were left behind! BUT I’m here to encourage you and help you find ways to make your favors as uncomplicated as possible, and so uniquely you that you’re guests will be proud to hang your program on their fridge!

So, I thought I’d share 10 DIY programs that have inspired me and that I hope you can take and make your very own:

DIY Wedding Program

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diy wedding program

Ok, I have to say I’m obsessed with these Easy DIY programs. Not only are they super cute and informative, but there are activities on the flip side! PLUS a pencil attached with a ribbon gives your guests something to do while they wait. How clever! You can play with design and colors to make these fit your own wedding theme.

Check out Intimate Weddings for a step by step tutorial on how to make these uniquely yours.

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diy wedding program, photo strip

Again, super simple, fun and personal. Find a photo booth with your love and capture some sweet shots. Make a bunch of copies onto photo paper and attach them to some simple programs with cute little clothes pins and voila! You’ve got yourself an unforgettable program.

Take a look at Rustic Wedding Chic to find out how these were used for a rustic wedding.

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diy wedding program, confetti

These are absolutely whimsical and fairly easy to make! If you’re planning on having guests toss confetti as you and your new hubby exit your ceremony, then this is a great option for you. The multicolored tissue makes for great photos! You can even change up the colors to match your theme.

Visit Michelle Edgemont's "The Blog" to find out how to make your own DIY confetti programs!

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DIY Wedding Program , Flag

These flag programs are so sweet and simple. I can imagine your guest waving the flags as they cheer for you and your new husband as you walk back up the aisle. These, too, would make great photos! You can find a flag template with a quick google search and add your own text, making these a simple and affordable DIY option. Again, make them your own by playing with paper and ink colors.

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DIY Wedding Program , minimal , simple

If you're more of a minimalist, then these custom wedding programs would be the sweetest touch. You can DIY these with just a little graphic design skill to make the profiles match you and your love. There are so many ways you could make these your own.

(I love the idea of these being tied with a strap of leather!)

learn more about how this DIY program and logo were created on Star Struck.

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DIY wedding program , colorful , fun

Can these honeycomb ceremony fans be any more fun? You can easily design and print your own programs and attach them to something fun and three-dimensional for your guests.

Follow along to this awesome YouTube video from Pop Sugar if you want to learn how to recreate this look.

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DIY Wedding program , cootie catcher , fun

Remember those cootie catchers from elementary school? We thought they'd tell us our futures, but now the future is here - marrying the love of your life! Your guests will love playing with these programs and opening up the flaps to discover what's next.

You can order your own custom template on Etsy. Get some of your best girlfriends, some wine, and start folding!

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DIY Wedding program , photography

How cool is this? I've always loved this idea for thank you cards, but never thought to incorporate photos and signs on a program! This can be fairly affordable and easy to recreate. All you need are a few signs, a good photographer, basic design/Photoshop skills and a good printer.

I found this idea on chic weddings and events.

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DIY Wedding program , brown bags

Don't mind brown-baggin' it on your wedding day? Believe it or not, it's super easy to print onto brown paper bags! You can fill these with confetti or flower petals for your guests to toss on your way back up the isle!

Check out Elizabeth Ann Designs to see how these were used in a vintage cape cod wedding.

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DIY Wedding program , simple , fun

Talk about fun, personal and super simple! I love this look because of how clean it is, but also unique and entertaining! I can imagine guests reading through the "Fun Facts" as they wait for the ceremony to start. Play with different colored card stock or ink to customize this to fit your wedding.

Learn how you can recreate this look on Just Strolling.