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Let me INTRODUCE myself 

A little bit ABOUT me . . .       


I’m Yesenia Adams, Founder and Planner behind Milestone Occasions by Yesenia Adams. I created Milestone Occasions to fulfill a passion that has been near to my heart since I could remember. 

I've been planning weddings and events for about 8 years and have served a wide range of clients who all had one thing in common: they didn't have a large budget. Through my experiences, I've gained the ability to be resourceful, think creatively and focus on the small elements that create the big picture. 

My event planning journey includes experiences planning community and family events, fundraisers, parties big and small, baby & bridal showers, and event catering with one of the most established companies in my area, but my favorite experiences have been with weddings. 

"the DIY


Best Friend"

Although I enjoy working on social and community events, I hold brides near and dear to my heart, especially those Do-it-Yourself and budget-focused brides who just need someone to be their friend and guide them along this exciting and daunting journey of wedding planning. 

My mission is to provide couples with the tools they need to successfully plan their own weddings, providing them with the freedom to enjoy their engagement and big day. No matter how big or small their budget may be, I believe every bride (and groom) deserves to make the most of this exciting time of being engaged, and should be able to enjoy their wedding day making lasting memories with their loved ones who've come to join them in celebration! 


My Core VALUES . . . What Sets me Apart  

Creativity: Event planning is such a fun and exciting way to get your creative juices flowing! No client is alike, so no two events should be the same either! I work with my clients to give them the unique day that matches their personal style, and to really have fun along the way!

Honesty: My clients are entrusting me with one of the biggest days of their lives, as well as one of the biggest investments! I expect mutual honesty between me and my clients. This is the first step to a successful and low-stress event

Communication: By truly listening to my clients' needs and desires and by clearly conveying my vision and plan, we can create the perfect day. I commit to keeping open communication between me and my clients, as well as my vendors, and I work with those who do the same. 

Dependability: When entrusting someone with their big day, my clients need to find someone trustworthy and responsible. I commit to being that person for them. There's no room for error and I don't take my responsibilities lightly. 

Humor: With any job, project or event, there comes elements of stress, and I believe humor is essential to keeping your cool. We can't take ourselves too seriously all the time. I believe it's essential to add elements of fun and lighthearted humor to your event planning process so you can look back with a smile :) 

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