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Best Friend 

Providing Couples with the tools they need to successfully plan their own wedding, giving them the freedom to enjoy their engagement and big day. 


Discover a variety of services that have proven to work for many of my clients! I work with you to build a package that will fit your unique personality and needs. Fill out a planning questionnaire to help me help you plan your perfect day. 


Hello! I'm Yesenia, Founder and Planner behind Milestone Occasions. I can't wait to walk with you through the thrilling (howbeit daunting) journey of planning your big day! Feel free to explore my site and discover how we can work together!


Amy & Adam

"Yesenia did my wedding... She kept in touch with the resort coordinator and did all the decorating. It was beyond all my expectations because . . ."                 


Angelina & Joe

"As soon as I got engaged, I called Milestone Occasions. I was planning an out-of-town move around the same time and was too overwhelmed to handle the details of a wedding . . ."                      


Anahita & Saied

"Yesenia is beyond amazing. I am not sure what I would have done without her. She was there every step of the way to help me on my big day . . ."              

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